The Hand Form

The hand form is what most people think of when they think of Tai Chi; it is composed of a flowing sequence of movements that gently exercise the joints and muscles.

In Five Winds Tai Chi there are two hand forms. Both forms are essentially the same sequence of movements, and the real difference between them is the style in which the movements are performed.

1. The first form, called the Square Form, is taught to beginners. All of the movements in this form are performed to a fixed count which helps beginners remember the movements and keep in time during group practice.

2. The second form is the Round Form. This is taught after the square form has been learnt. The movements are smoother, more flowing and do not rely on a fixed count.

When you are taught to write, you first learn the shapes of the individual letters, and the style of writing is akin to printing. Only once that has been mastered, do you move on to "joined-up" writing. This parallels the square and round forms


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