Weapons Forms

There are three weapons in the Five Winds style of Tai Chi. These are:

* Sabre (or Broad Sword)

* Spear (or Staff)

* Straight Sword

Traditionally it is said that the practice of the sabre strengthens resolve, the practice of the spear increases wisdom, and the practice of the sword nourishes the chi.

You might feel that weapons practice, with swords and spears, has no useful place in the modern world - but remember, as with the hand form, each move in the weapons forms has an application, and those applications translate readily to everyday objects such as walking sticks and umbrellas, should you need to defend yourself.

Equally important is the fact that the weapons form provide methods of exercise that are quite different from the hand form. For example, the sabre form is much more vigourous than the hand form, and is usually done quickly, to help develop focus and power.